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Relationship Based

Dog Training

NJK9S, helping build & enhance the relationship between you & your canine companion.


Why NJK9S?

At North Jersey K9 Solutions I believe there is nothing more beautiful than the bond between a human and a happy, confident, well behaved dog. I also know that there is nothing more frustrating than a dog that doesn’t listen, pulls you down the street on walks, jumps all over strangers and is just generally out of control.  I specialize in providing one on one private instruction, using the most effective training methods and tools available.  Dogs don’t know what humans expect of them unless they are shown. I will show you how to keep your dog engaged in the learning process and provide the clear communication and structure needed to make you and your dog succeed.  


Unfortunately, I am not able to take on new clients at this time. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.



As they should be.

Just as all humans are different in personality, motivation levels and ability, so are our canine counterparts. I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to dog training.

Since Many of the Problems Start in the Home...

All private lessons are done at your residence. This gives me the ability to make a true assessment of your dog in a real-life environment. It also give you the chance to meet and feel comfortable with me. We will discuss your training needs and expectations at length. From there, I am able to create a custom training program that is set up to create success for you & your dog. I also specialize in creating “off leash” reliability. This gives you & your dog more freedom to enjoy the world without the restriction of a leash. Did you ever think to yourself how great it would be to go for a nice off leash hike with your canine buddy, but were never able to trust that he would come when called or wouldn’t take off after another animal, never to return. Let me help make that off leash life a reality.

NJK9S Basic Manners for Dogs

No dog is too big or too small, too old or too young or the wrong breed.


We’ve all seen that happy well behaved dog walking perfectly down the street and said,

“I wish my dog would behave that way”


Well I am here to tell you,


NJK9S - Well behaved dog
NJK9S - Serving North New Jersey


Northern New Jersey



Including, but not limited to:

Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Essex and Hudson Counties


NJK9S - Client Testimonial

Meredith & Henrie

 "...I am forever grateful to Tom for his calm and patient demeanor and helping me be a better dog owner."

John, Mary & Taz

"...We cannot thank you enough for Taz's transformation from being an aggressive dog & not trusting humans to an obedient, trusting, fun & loving cuddle bug who loves to meet new human friends and fur friends! Thank you, thank you! Anyone who needs training for their pups, you will be completely amazed and satisfied with their services."

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